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The-Fahrenheit Room Lo Pan Star

Rp 71,000.00 Rp 199,000.00

Room Lo Pan (Star)

Item description Item number: 271747

Relaxing silhouette room pants suitable for relaxing time. Comfortable with soft touch is outstanding. It also makes roomware cute and stylish.

Material · Specification · Handling


100% cotton


Waist: total rubber included (not adjustable), pocket: front × 2 (left and right)

Handling: Washing machine / net use

Because dark colors may fall, please avoid washing with other things. Please use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent whitening agent for production / light color. Please avoid immersion in water for a long time. After washing please prepare the shape promptly and please shade. Please avoid using the dryer.


Waist (nude size)58 - 6462 - 6866 - 7270 to 76
Bottom width13.514.515.516.5

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